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It was unfortunate that the shoot was scheduled in the middle of the cold spell.  It was at most 4 degrees when I checked in! Even though the hotel did not have heat, this lovely lady was a good sport.  She (maybe it’s the dancer in her) radiates energy.  I was truly inspired by her positivity.  We ignored the cold air (on hindsight, we should have ordered some wine), had some good laughs about men, women, relationships.  She chose to do this to celebrate her 40th birthday and I hope she enjoyed the experience as much as I did!

Despite the gloomy weather, we managed to capture some wondering natural lighting in this lovely lady’s home!  Home shoots always give you a lot of wonderful surprises.  The home was cozy and nicely decorated!  It was a great shoot and I need to start cracking on the editing!


Another photo from my April shoots which is yet another black and white photo.  Maybe the gloomy weather over this long weekend can explain my choice of photo today.  Happy long weekend!



Happy New Year!

2014’s over, 2015 is here!

Several great shoots at the end of the year and looking forward to a few more before Valentine’s Day.  I am hoping to do some model shootings later so that I can display some more photos for you all.



She was sipping champagne and humming to Fergie while she was putting on her make up.   Then she casually slipped into her white outfit and immediately a star came to live.  She sang, danced and laughed before the camera and I just snapped away.  She was glamorous and was so sexy and she is — 50.  Women are entitled to feel good about themselves at any age and I witnessed it myself.  It was nothing but awesome!


Miss Sunshine

I would have loved to post up more photos from this shoot.  This lady has the sweetest smile which could light up a room.  Also, she was such a good sport – beside shooting in the bedroom, the living room and on the stairway of this 2-storey service apartment, she posed on the balcony.


The pregnancy glow

It’s such a coincidence when these two ladies contacted me just weeks apart; I say that because they share one thing in common, they have both just got pregnant and wanted to do the shoot before their bodies begin to transform.  In fact, I discovered that they share one more trait: they were both glowing.  As much of a cliche as it may sound, it’s true and I have proof – each of those shoots lasted much longer than usual as I could not stop clicking!

I hope I managed to freeze this special moment for them in image.


Pure Elegence

Really have to thank this elegant lady for letting me post these up! She was radiant as she showed off her toned physique.