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All that could go wrong, went wrong – it was a rainy and gloomy afternoon (yes, I shoot with natural light), the camera was choking up, and to add to those, my computer broke down during the editing process.

But it’s afterall a spring time shoot, everything was overcome.

The shoot was a present from her love, although I only saw them for a few minutes, it was not difficult to envy the adoration they have for each other. In her 50s, she lit up the room with her beauty, confidence and energy. You can feel her joy because (I believe) not only is she loved, she found herself in his love.

I am glad she likes the photos despite the delay. Happy spring time, everyone!

How apt it was to be doing a boudoir shoot with French tunes playing in the background, and that was exactly how we shot.  The romantic ambiance was not lost in spite of some impromptu silliness.  She has such a radiant smile which I tried to capture between those more sensual shots.  We exchanged tips on raising kids, and her photos are again proof no mothers should have second thoughts of stripping off for her own private boudoir fun!

We had a shoot before Chinese New Year and before we post up some shots from the session, here is our new thumb drive! Photos ready to be dispatched!

It’s a shame that I have no permission to post photos of this exquisite lady that show her face. Despite having children and a successful career, she would easily win America’s Next Top Model hands down (I don’t think that show is running anymore, but you get the idea).

[Anyway, I thought I should mention that I will be away from May to September, if you are considering booking a shoot before the summer, please let me know as soon as possible.]

I am guilty of being lazy and as a result I did not post any new posts during the holiday season, here is a belated Happy New Year to everyone!  While I have been lazy in posting, I have not been lazy in shooting, editing and delivering! Hopefully will be posting up some photos shortly.