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more of the gorgeous Jade…

Here are more photos from my photo shoot with Jade.

I am so thrilled to be able to share these with all of you. Jade was so fun to shoot and she added so much colours and vitality to my works!  Thanks, Jade!
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Thank you for the lovely words…

“I wanted to give something special for my hubby to be for our wedding day and this was definitely a one of kind gift! I was quite nervous about boudoir photography at first, but Penny was quick to answer any concerns that I had through email and phone leading up to the shoot. I was a bit camera shy but Penny is just so friendly and easy to talk to. She made the whole experience very fun and I didn’t want it to end! I was in awe of the photos that came out (she made me look so beautiful, I couldn’t believe my eyes!) This is definitely something every girl should do for themselves; it was no doubt a gift for me as much as it is a gift for my fiancé!”  – August 2013

The Dancer

Two photo shoots took place in a boutique hotel (well, it’s actually a service apartment) on Bonham Strand last Saturday.

The first shoot was with a very sweet bride-to-be. Make up artist, Jo Jo, helped her with her make up before the shoot. After that I had the pleasure of working with a dancer who posed as my model. Here are two of the photos from the shoot.

Celebration of Life-Long Friendship

It was certainly a delightful Saturday afternoon shooting five gorgeous ladies in celebration of life-long friendship. Each of them was uniquely beautiful, which, coupled with a joint attitude shorn of all self-consciousness or pretension, made my job that much easier. The afternoon kicked off with laughter and ended with even louder laughter. I felt undeniable bonding and friendship through their interaction and I do hope that my photos turn out well: after all, they will be a definitive part (I hope!) of their memories for years to come.

DSC_3337 small


African violets brought over by one of the ladies


Sneak peek to the April PhotoShoots

Don’t you just love that brassiere and laced boyshorts?


New Location – New Surprises

Did a photo shoot on the top floor of a downtown boutique hotel this afternoon.  The executive room was great! Apart from the awesome view, I was so pleased to see these two pieces of furniture in the room.  They complimented the shoot so well and I have already started touching up the photographs.  Too bad I couldn’t share the nice bottle of white wine my client brought over as I am still breast feeding my little one, but that didn’t stop us from having a great time!  I hope she is enjoying the vegan apple toffee cake I got from Mum (one of my favourite cafes these days)!



Heartwarming Message

It’s always heartwarming when my clients love my work.  Receiving testimonials like this one really means a lot to a photographer.  It shows that I’m on the right track!

“This was not my first time doing boudoir photography, but the experience was surely the best.
I was totally amazed and touched when I opened the online album; the photos are just stunning. Thank you for capturing the best part of me.”

Thank you!

Two girls, Two Styles.


I did a shoot for two friends in December 2012.  They are both very photogenic, but one is more sensual while the other’s smile can light up a room.  We finished it off with a pillow fight.

Boudoir HKboudoir HK

Sweet Encounters

Four different photo shoots this month and four different stories.   I must say the bridal shoot was particularly sweet.  I hope I can finish all the post-production soon!