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Miss Sunshine

I would have loved to post up more photos from this shoot.  This lady has the sweetest smile which could light up a room.  Also, she was such a good sport – beside shooting in the bedroom, the living room and on the stairway of this 2-storey service apartment, she posed on the balcony.


The pregnancy glow

It’s such a coincidence when these two ladies contacted me just weeks apart; I say that because they share one thing in common, they have both just got pregnant and wanted to do the shoot before their bodies begin to transform.  In fact, I discovered that they share one more trait: they were both glowing.  As much of a cliche as it may sound, it’s true and I have proof – each of those shoots lasted much longer than usual as I could not stop clicking!

I hope I managed to freeze this special moment for them in image.


Pure Elegence

Really have to thank this elegant lady for letting me post these up! She was radiant as she showed off her toned physique.




Young and Beautiful

I spent Saturday afternoon with a gorgeous young enterpreneur. She is young but exudes such radiant confidence. She claims she is more silly than sexy, but after spending those couple of hours with her, I think otherwise. I hope my photos will convince her she is both of those things.

more of the gorgeous Jade…

Here are more photos from my photo shoot with Jade.

I am so thrilled to be able to share these with all of you. Jade was so fun to shoot and she added so much colours and vitality to my works!  Thanks, Jade!
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Thank you for the lovely words…

“I wanted to give something special for my hubby to be for our wedding day and this was definitely a one of kind gift! I was quite nervous about boudoir photography at first, but Penny was quick to answer any concerns that I had through email and phone leading up to the shoot. I was a bit camera shy but Penny is just so friendly and easy to talk to. She made the whole experience very fun and I didn’t want it to end! I was in awe of the photos that came out (she made me look so beautiful, I couldn’t believe my eyes!) This is definitely something every girl should do for themselves; it was no doubt a gift for me as much as it is a gift for my fiancé!”  – August 2013

The Dancer

Two photo shoots took place in a boutique hotel (well, it’s actually a service apartment) on Bonham Strand last Saturday.

The first shoot was with a very sweet bride-to-be. Make up artist, Jo Jo, helped her with her make up before the shoot. After that I had the pleasure of working with a dancer who posed as my model. Here are two of the photos from the shoot.

Celebration of Life-Long Friendship

It was certainly a delightful Saturday afternoon shooting five gorgeous ladies in celebration of life-long friendship. Each of them was uniquely beautiful, which, coupled with a joint attitude shorn of all self-consciousness or pretension, made my job that much easier. The afternoon kicked off with laughter and ended with even louder laughter. I felt undeniable bonding and friendship through their interaction and I do hope that my photos turn out well: after all, they will be a definitive part (I hope!) of their memories for years to come.

DSC_3337 small


African violets brought over by one of the ladies


Sneak peek to the April PhotoShoots

Don’t you just love that brassiere and laced boyshorts?