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Celebration of Life-Long Friendship

It was certainly a delightful Saturday afternoon shooting five gorgeous ladies in celebration of life-long friendship. Each of them was uniquely beautiful, which, coupled with a joint attitude shorn of all self-consciousness or pretension, made my job that much easier. The afternoon kicked off with laughter and ended with even louder laughter. I felt undeniable bonding and friendship through their interaction and I do hope that my photos turn out well: after all, they will be a definitive part (I hope!) of their memories for years to come.

DSC_3337 small


African violets brought over by one of the ladies


Sneak peek to the April PhotoShoots

Don’t you just love that brassiere and laced boyshorts?


New Location – New Surprises

Did a photo shoot on the top floor of a downtown boutique hotel this afternoon.  The executive room was great! Apart from the awesome view, I was so pleased to see these two pieces of furniture in the room.  They complimented the shoot so well and I have already started touching up the photographs.  Too bad I couldn’t share the nice bottle of white wine my client brought over as I am still breast feeding my little one, but that didn’t stop us from having a great time!  I hope she is enjoying the vegan apple toffee cake I got from Mum (one of my favourite cafes these days)!



Heartwarming Message

It’s always heartwarming when my clients love my work.  Receiving testimonials like this one really means a lot to a photographer.  It shows that I’m on the right track!

“This was not my first time doing boudoir photography, but the experience was surely the best.
I was totally amazed and touched when I opened the online album; the photos are just stunning. Thank you for capturing the best part of me.”

Thank you!

Two girls, Two Styles.


I did a shoot for two friends in December 2012.  They are both very photogenic, but one is more sensual while the other’s smile can light up a room.  We finished it off with a pillow fight.

Boudoir HKboudoir HK

Sweet Encounters

Four different photo shoots this month and four different stories.   I must say the bridal shoot was particularly sweet.  I hope I can finish all the post-production soon!


Revised Dates

The dates of the Marathon have been changed to 1st December and 2nd December.  

Limited spots remaining!

November Boudoir Marathon

Thinking of giving your special someone a unique Christmas present or just want to do something fun?

Book now for your boudoir photo shoot!

Bridal Boudoir

Different ladies come to me for different reasons and more often than not, they are looking for a special gift  for their fiancé, selecting the best of their boudoir photos bound in an album for their husbands-to-be.

What should you wear?

Select outfits that make you feel sexy!  Since it’s a bridal shoot, I always recommend bringing something white (e.g. a white corset), your veil and garter.  Of course don’t leave out your, heels, jewelry and that engagement ring!