Boudoir Photography for Women in Hong Kong

In this whirligig of a life hectic with stuff, it is often difficult for us girls to enjoy being simple, unadulterated… fun. That’s really why I do this. “This” being boudoir photography, an experience that is – based on what my previous subjects have told me – as intimate, sexy and fun as your inner girl might expect. Rediscover, or keep in touch with, yourself with sensual, elegant (or racy!) boudoir photos by moi, one of Hong Kong’s first boudoir photographers. One of its most premier ones too, I might add.

I love photography exquisitely; it’s one of my main loves, the others being my husband and little ones. I’ve experimented so much with cameras for nearly two decades, using instincts honed by a fine arts background to capture time any way I like. Living in one of the world’s most exciting, fastest-moving cities… it makes me appreciate ever more whatever (little) free time I have to indulge in what I love. Boudoir photography being one of them, mostly because it’s like a soak in a rose-scented bubble bath in a 14th century European chateau – only better.

Like every piece of fine art, each boudoir photo is intensely private, intensely fine, and one of a kind. There is nothing else like it, nothing else that conveys this baring of the senses, of individuality, where you are fully at ease with yourself, with each precise moment of your choosing captured on celluloid (though these days, I use a really, really good digital camera instead).

I am Penelope Chong. Join me in exploring the boudoir you. I doubt you’d regret it.