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With a globalizing world, mixed beauties seem to be the way forward.  Google it, you will know that I am right.  While I was snapping away over this past weekend, I swear I saw glimpse of  the young Angelina Jolie and Cherie Chung (鍾楚紅) in her.  She has this gorgeous smile and I hope my photos will do her justice.  I bet her boyfriend will be pleasantly surprised by his birthday gift!

I wonder if I am mixed…  Maybe I should go do a DNA test!

Another shoot next weekend! Looking forward to it!

She was sipping champagne and humming to Fergie while she was putting on her make up.   Then she casually slipped into her white outfit and immediately a star came to live.  She sang, danced and laughed before the camera and I just snapped away.  She was glamorous and was so sexy and she is — 50.  Women are entitled to feel good about themselves at any age and I witnessed it myself.  It was nothing but awesome!


The pregnancy glow

It’s such a coincidence when these two ladies contacted me just weeks apart; I say that because they share one thing in common, they have both just got pregnant and wanted to do the shoot before their bodies begin to transform.  In fact, I discovered that they share one more trait: they were both glowing.  As much of a cliche as it may sound, it’s true and I have proof – each of those shoots lasted much longer than usual as I could not stop clicking!

I hope I managed to freeze this special moment for them in image.


Young and Beautiful

I spent Saturday afternoon with a gorgeous young enterpreneur. She is young but exudes such radiant confidence. She claims she is more silly than sexy, but after spending those couple of hours with her, I think otherwise. I hope my photos will convince her she is both of those things.

Thank you for the lovely words…

“I wanted to give something special for my hubby to be for our wedding day and this was definitely a one of kind gift! I was quite nervous about boudoir photography at first, but Penny was quick to answer any concerns that I had through email and phone leading up to the shoot. I was a bit camera shy but Penny is just so friendly and easy to talk to. She made the whole experience very fun and I didn’t want it to end! I was in awe of the photos that came out (she made me look so beautiful, I couldn’t believe my eyes!) This is definitely something every girl should do for themselves; it was no doubt a gift for me as much as it is a gift for my fiancé!”  – August 2013

New Location – New Surprises

Did a photo shoot on the top floor of a downtown boutique hotel this afternoon.  The executive room was great! Apart from the awesome view, I was so pleased to see these two pieces of furniture in the room.  They complimented the shoot so well and I have already started touching up the photographs.  Too bad I couldn’t share the nice bottle of white wine my client brought over as I am still breast feeding my little one, but that didn’t stop us from having a great time!  I hope she is enjoying the vegan apple toffee cake I got from Mum (one of my favourite cafes these days)!



Heartwarming Message

It’s always heartwarming when my clients love my work.  Receiving testimonials like this one really means a lot to a photographer.  It shows that I’m on the right track!

“This was not my first time doing boudoir photography, but the experience was surely the best.
I was totally amazed and touched when I opened the online album; the photos are just stunning. Thank you for capturing the best part of me.”

Thank you!

Revised Dates

The dates of the Marathon have been changed to 1st December and 2nd December.  

Limited spots remaining!