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Some noted that I have posted a lot less lately, that being true, my Instagram is still active (see)! My second one came along and I just needed more time with my kids, then Covid hit, everything came to a standstill. Despite the really attractive hotel booking rates – I turned down a number of shoots. But can’t wait for my shoot next week. My first couple shoot – which is undoubtedly beyond my comfort zone, but I couldn’t say no to a couple who is celebrating their 25-year wedding anniversary. I hope I won’t disappoint and can help add a little colour to their memories.

All that could go wrong, went wrong – it was a rainy and gloomy afternoon (yes, I shoot with natural light), the camera was choking up, and to add to those, my computer broke down during the editing process.

But it’s afterall a spring time shoot, everything was overcome.

The shoot was a present from her love, although I only saw them for a few minutes, it was not difficult to envy the adoration they have for each other. In her 50s, she lit up the room with her beauty, confidence and energy. You can feel her joy because (I believe) not only is she loved, she found herself in his love.

I am glad she likes the photos despite the delay. Happy spring time, everyone!

We tried this new boutique hotel in Tai Hang and it did not disappoint.  The sun beam came through the see-through curtains and instantly lit up the room.  The velvety blue headboard of the bed, together with her grey sweater and the woolly blanket gave some of these photos a warm fuzzy touch.

This photo shoot was a present from a husband to wife.  A mother of two, she is not only elegant, but she can pass for a college student, especially with her “#la petite francaise” sweat shirt.

I have no permission to use the photos (order of the husband)! But no worries, more shoots to come!


I was so mesmerized when I stepped into this well kept secret at the Mandarin Oriental the other day.  For all these years I have not set foot in this chambre! Those who know how much I like the toile de jouy pattern will understand why i had to return to take these photos and share them with you. Message me and I will tell you which floor it is on!

We had a shoot before Chinese New Year and before we post up some shots from the session, here is our new thumb drive! Photos ready to be dispatched!

I am guilty of being lazy and as a result I did not post any new posts during the holiday season, here is a belated Happy New Year to everyone!  While I have been lazy in posting, I have not been lazy in shooting, editing and delivering! Hopefully will be posting up some photos shortly.

Hi Singapore, I’ll be spending this Christmas on your sunny, cosy island and i’m set on a boudoir marathon on Boxing Day, 26 December 2016. So girls in the Lion City, don’t miss out on your chance to get an intimate, fun shoot done in one of your wonderful heritage hotels! Email me for details!

[It’s unfortunate that the trip has been cancelled.  I was looking forward to shooting at this heritage hotel, but no worries, I visit Singapore often and will reschedule my trip shortly!]

Despite the gloomy weather, we managed to capture some wondering natural lighting in this lovely lady’s home!  Home shoots always give you a lot of wonderful surprises.  The home was cozy and nicely decorated!  It was a great shoot and I need to start cracking on the editing!


All women are beautiful, but there was one like no other, she was one of the most tender, generous, elegant and loving women I know – my grandma.  She left without saying goodbye or warning, peacefully and quietly。輕輕的您走了, 帶走我一片雲彩。 you will always be missed and your gentle smile will also be in my heart.

In memory of my beautiful grandma.

in memory