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In response to DRESS PINK DAY on 21.10.2016, there will be a 15% discount for any bookings made on or before 21.10.2016. All profits from these shoots will be donated to support PINK! 

[Extracted from the Website of Cancer Fund]

What is Dress Pink Day?

On Dress Pink Day, people across Hong Kong wear pink to raise awareness and funds to support women with breast cancer in response to our annual breast cancer campaign Pink Revolution. Pink is the colour of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual global campaign that takes place every October to raise awareness of breast cancer.

 What can we do on Dress Pink Day?

  1. Dress in pink! Show your support for women and their families affected by breast cancer by wearing the boldest, brightest items you can.
  2. Party in pink! Host a pink party and get everyone you know involved to create as much positive energy as possible.
  3. Play in pink! For groups of friends and families, think of a fun-filled activity for Dress Pink Day, set up a DIY Fundraising platform online and start fundraising.


You know breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in Hong Kong?  Apparently, one in every 17 women has a chance to develop it and the risk increases as age increases. That’s why we should do regular breast screenings!  To find out more:

20% discount will be given to any shoots which are booked this month and approx. 50% of the profits will be donated to the Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation.


Breast Cancer Awareness Month

This is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  You may have noticed TV commercials on breast cancer awareness.

50% of the profit from any photo session will continue to be donated to “The Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation“.

Photo: Pink Ribbon – by bingeandpurge